KMUTT Research & Development Journal

ISSN 2697-5521 (Online) | ISSN 0125-278X (Print)

KMUTT R&D Journal (previously KMITT Research and Development Journal, ISSN 0125-278X) is published by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). The Journal accepts manuscripts both from authors affiliated with KMUTT and other organizations, including those affiliated with oversea organizations. A manuscript may be written either in Thai or in English; however, an Abstract must be written BOTH in Thai and in English. The references MUST be in English. The Journal publishes 4 issues a year, one each in March, June, September and December. Interested authors are invited to submit their manuscripts to the Journal at the address indicated on the journal website.

In 2018 the Journal has the Thai Journal Impact Factor of 0.238.

Publication Policy

The aims of KMUTT R&D Journal are to serve as an outlet for publications in interdisciplinary areas of engineering, science and technology, industrial education, social science and linguistics. The Journal publishes original full-length articles, short communications and review articles, which have not been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. All submitted manuscripts must be reviewed by at least two expert reviewers via the double-blinded review system.

All submitted manuscripts received after July 6, 2021 must be reviewed by at least three expert reviewers via the double-blinded review system.

Publication Ethics

The Editor and Editorial Board of KMUTT Research & Development Journal are committed to maintaining the high publication standard and integrity of the Journal. The following ethical guidelines apply to all the parties involved in the whole publication process. All the authors and reviewers of the Journal are requested to adhere strictly to these guidelines when submitting the manuscript to and reviewing the manuscript for the Journal.

Roles of the Editor and Editorial Board:

  • Providing a rapid and fair treatment to all submitted manuscripts. All submissions are preliminary reviewed by the Editor and/or Editorial Board for suitability; the decision is rapidly made on whether a submitted manuscript would be accepted for a formal peer review.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all information related to a submitted manuscript. The information would be shared only with the corresponding author, potential reviewers, reviewers and publisher as deemed suitable.
  • Maintaining a fair treatment to all authors and evaluating a submission only on its intellectual basis without regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the author(s).
  • Monitoring and avoiding publication misconducts in relation to plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, duplicate submission and citation manipulation. A submitted manuscript of the aforementioned nature would be withdrawn or rejected. An accepted article suffering the aforementioned violations would be retracted from the journal.
  • Publishing errata when appropriate.
  • Communicating with and seeking help and advices from the Editorial Board members on a regular basis. All the members shall be informed of the status and changes made to the Journal.

Roles of the Authors:

  • Ensuring that a submitted manuscript contains original work that has not been published and/or under consideration elsewhere. Proper citations and references with accurate and sufficient details must be provided.
  • Noting and following the globally accepted guidelines on plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, duplicate submission and citation manipulation.
  • Providing accurate and sufficient details of all authors along with their affiliations.
  • Providing proper acknowledgement of research funding.
  • Declaring any possible conflicts of interest.

Roles of the Reviewers:

  • Agreeing to review a submitted manuscript only when being knowledgeable and able to give fair, unbiased and scientifically sound comments on the manuscript.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of all information related to a submitted manuscript during the whole review process.
  • Reviewing a submitted manuscript and providing feedback and decision to the Editorial Office in a timely fashion.
  • Advising the Editor when noting or suspecting any possible misconducts in relation to plagiarism, data fabrication and/or falsification, duplicate submission and citation manipulation.
  • Not utilizing unpublished reviewed materials in own research without proper written permission of the authors.


Distributed to the educational libraries and S&T organizations and disseminated on website


4 issues per year (January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December)

Editorial Board Members

Honorary Editorial Board Members

  • Prof. Dr. Prida Wibulswas
  • Prof. Dr. Wanlop Surakampontorn
  • Prof. Dr. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai
  • Prof. Dr. Amaret Bhummiratana
  • Prof. Dr. Suthat Yoksan


  • Prof. Dr. Sakamon Devahastin

Editorial Board Members

  • Prof. Dr. Somchai Chucheepsakul (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Somchart Soponronnarit (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Ratana Jiraratananon (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Somchai Wongwises (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Chai Jaturapitakkul (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Narongrit Sombatsompop (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Chaiyuth Chinnarasri (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Navadol Laosiripojana (KMUTT)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Worapot Suntornsuk (KMUTT)
  • Prof. Dr. Soottawat Benjakul (PSU)
  • Prof. Dr. Prinya Chindaprasirt (KKU)
  • Prof. Dr. Phadungsak Ratanadecho (TU)
  • Prof. Dr. Jumras Limtrakul (KU)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nachol Chaiyaratana (KMUTNB)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nathasit Gerdsri (MU)
  • Prof. Dr. Bhesh Bhandari (University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Prof. Dr. Xiao Dong Chen (Soochow University, P.R.China)
  • Prof. Dr. Arun Mujumdar (McGill University, Canada)
  • Prof. Dr. Guohua Chen (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, P.R.China)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Meng Woo (University of Auckland, New Zealand)

Editorial Office

KMUTT Research & Development Journal
Research, Innovation and Partnerships Office
King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

126 Pracha Uthit Rd., Thung Khru, Thung Khru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand

Contact person:
Ms. Nilubol Yham-ubol
Tel. +66-2470-9652 Fax. +66-2872-9083